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  • How much does Playform cost?
    Playform’s lite version is free to use for all athletes and provides them with drills to measure some of their skills to get their player assessment and specific development plans. Our premium version costs $7.99/mo or $69.99/yr and unlocks the full functionality of Playform with the Personalization engine. This feature offers customized training packages and development strategies for athletes. We know youth athletics can be expensive, so we aim to offer Playform at an affordable price for all athletes and their families.
  • Can I monitor my child’s account?
    Your child can give you access to their account so that you may monitor it at your leisure. We are working on a dedicated solution to allow parents to directly track their child’s progress and activity.
  • Is my child’s data safe?
    Securing your child’s data is our top priority. They are able to determine whether or not their results are attached to their name or remain anonymous in the app’s settings. If your child chooses to remain anonymous, their data will be completely private and will not be shared with any other users or third parties.
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