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Question: What's in the application?
Answer: Playform is the first application to measure and improve youth soccer players’ skills by using automated and accurate performance analysis. The app uses the phone camera, combined with unique and innovative technology to analyze players' performance, and build a full and comprehensive player assessment. Players are required to perform various types of drills, that are measured in the application completely automatically. Following the completion of the assessment process, the application offers the player personal workout plans, with which he/she can improve his/her skills and capabilities as a player.
Question: Are the results accurate?
Answer: Yes. We have developed a unique and advanced technology for video analysis and movements capturing based on mobile phone cameras. The measurement is very accurate and was actually tested against official performance measurement systems and presented similar results of these systems. We continuously working on further improving our technology and algorithms.
Question: I downloaded the app and did the drills, how do I know my rank?
Answer: For every drill you perform, you get a specific result and a score. The result reflects the execution quality of the drill you performed (for example, how fast you kicked the ball). The score reflects your relative ranking to other players with similar characteristics to yours (e.g. age, gender, and more). What mostly matters, is that you continue to improve first and foremost in relation to yourself.
Question: To whom is my information exposed?
Answer: The control of whom your data is exposed to is in your hands. In the settings screen of the application, you can control that. If you do not want to share your data with others, you can choose to be an anonymous player. As an anonymous player, your data is completely private and will not be shared with other players in the app or with third parties. As part of our vision, we want to create opportunities and expose potential players to the world of soccer, hence we work with clubs’ representatives, coaches, scouts, and commercial entities to make it happen.
Question: Can I take a video of myself?
Answer: The video capabilities depend on the type of drill. There are few drills (e.g. jump) that you can take a video of yourself, however there are drills that will be challenging for you to take on your own and you may need the help of a friend or tripod. It is important to follow the guidelines of the phone camera positioning so that we can make an accurate analysis of the exercise.
Question: Where can I take the videos of the drills?
Answer: The location of the drill’s execution depends on the type of drill. In case you are required to be in a field (professional or street), you will be indicated in the app, otherwise you can execute the drill anywhere (at home or on the street). We continue to work on switching more drills to be executed anywhere and not necessarily in the field.
Pay attention to the required location of the drill in the application, so that the app can analyze it correctly and provide you the results.
Question: Do you plan to add more drills in the app?
Answer: Yes. Currently, there are seven drills in the app, however, the app is occasionally updated, and we plan to add more drills from time to time, allowing you to discover even more about your skills as a player. Keep using the app on a regular basis to explore that!
Question: Is the app only relevant for active players?
Answer: Absolutely not! We have built the app with the intent to reach each and every youth player worldwide. The app is suitable for any youth player who loves soccer and wants to improve his/her skills and capabilities as a potential player. The app develops your performance as a youth athlete in general and can help you develop your fitness and ball control, even if you do not see yourself as a professional level player in the future.
Question: Will you develop a similar app for other sports?
Answer: Right now, we are concentrating on soccer, but are definitely thinking of adding more sports verticals like basketball, volleyball and in fact every ball game.
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