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Euro 2020 - Football Highlights & Breakdown Of The Best Soccer Players Thus Far

Euro 2020 has kicked off in full swing and we are loving the skills, performance, and determination presented on the soccer field. Many soccer fans have evidently missed Europe’s biggest and most exciting soccer league owing to it’s cancellation last year due to the pandemic.

Some of the biggest players in the industry are playing their hearts out, giving us a good taste of what we’ve missed during the pandemic, and a reminder of why they are the best! Let’s take a look at the biggest and popular soccer players this season and why exactly they are considered the creme de la creme of the soccer world.

Top 3 UEFA Euro 2020 Players

Here’s the top 3 players who are stealing the spotlight during the Euro 2020 league. You’ll probably recognize some of them, and some are simply new players busting their way to the top owing to their talented performances.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo EURO 2020
A role model for youth soccer players. Ronaldo. Getty Images

No, we are not going to highlight his Coca Cola press conference snub but we are going to just put it out there- his soccer skills are insanely accurate! He embraces clever dribbles and drills and this was evident in the Portugal VS Hungary match that ended in 3–0 to Portugal.

But, it was during the Germany VS Portugal match that Ronaldo embraced his cheeky no-look flick. See it live in action below.

Cristiano has been a role model for many youth soccer players and both his off-field and on-field performance leaves many in awe. Not only is he creative on the field, but his dribbling is just phenomenal and out of this world.

2. Manuel Locatelli

Incredible spring runs and passing skills. Locatelli. CFP

One of the biggest, upcoming players to achieve a good deal of attention during the Euro 2020 Champions league is none other than Italian football player, Manuel Locatelli. With his incredible spring runs and passing skills that we have witnessed so far, it’s no surprise why he has gained momentum on the popularity train. He loves breaking forward and finding the right moment for a quick cutting pass. He is also known for his amazing wall passes; helping his fellow teammates continue with their momentum, too.

Additionally, according to Uefa, the Italian midfielder is considered as the tournament’s best so far and here’s a good example why. During the Italy VS Switzerland match, Locatelli shoots outside the box with both his feet.

With his beautiful passing skills, technical attributes to the game, and playing in both a two-man midfield and a three-man midfield, we can safely say that Locatelli is a household name that we can expect to see more of in the next few years.

3. Robin Gosens

Spectacular football player. Gosens. Getty Images

An upcoming new star is emerging from the Euro 2020 and that is Germany’s Robin Gosens whose speed and power was heavily on show during the Portugal VS Germany soccer match. From the 35th minute, he applied his amazing speed and soccer skills to turn the game around in Germany’s favor and now, all eyes are on this spectacular football player with his flying volleys and speed.

Gosen, only 26, actually only ever played outside of Germany during his career and trained very hard while gearing up to the Euro 2020 event. Being a defender is no easy feat but Gosens reminds us that it can be done. Here are some wise words from the “Man of the match” himself;

More Players To Watch Out For This Season

The list doesn’t end with the top 3 players at the UEFA Euro 2020. There’s a ton of superstars grinding hard on the field with a plethora of skills and unique soccer tactics to watch out for.

Here’s the top 10 list of players that are definitely shining bright this season;

1. N’Golo Kante (France)

2. Kevin de Bruyne (Belgium)

3. Kylian Mbappe (France)

4. Robert Lewandowski (Poland)

5. Harry Kane (England)

6. Romelu Lukaku (Belgium)

7. Manuel Neuer (Germany)

8. Karim Benzema (France)

9. Bruno Fernandes (Portugal)

10. Luka Modric (Croatia)

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