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How are parents keeping their soccer players engaged during the offseason?

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

As the soccer offseason hits a crescendo, youth soccer players and parents are already eyeing the spring season ahead with great anticipation. For different reasons, each is counting the minutes until the snow melts and the fields are navigable once again. Players are eager to compete against their friends, while parents pray for the peace and quiet that a few hours of soccer practice brings to their homes each week.

During this winter lull, it is as important as ever for youth players to keep pace with training to avoid slipping into sloth on the couch with a bag of chips and hours of streaming. Playform enables parents to keep their kids engaged, active, and ahead of the curve during the off season.

While some passionate youth soccer parents scour the web for costly personal trainers in order to keep the pedal to the metal, this does little to mitigate the true issue at hand. Hourly coaches, whose attention is spread thin across many clients, pail in comparison to Playform’s savvy artificial intelligence that is focused solely on the success of each young athlete, and is available to train anytime and anywhere. With the app in hand, players can call on their own digital trainer at a moment’s notice, and parents can channel their child’s energy into healthy activity instantly.

More valuable than the detailed training metrics and adaptive drill plans, Playform allows youth athletes to keep their dribbling skills limber by giving each child more touches on the ball. Individual ball handling skills are the key differentiator for young athletes, yet they are inefficient for coaches to stress during large team practices. As soccer training goes, it’s all about building blocks, and before complex passing patterns and game strategy can be developed, these individual skills warrant the most attention. The individual nature of this training makes the winter offseason optimal for the development of touch and technique with the ball.

Individual training does not mean that players have to go at it solo. Competitive drive and hunger is great fuel for athletes, and Playform capitalizes on this with one v. one, team, and global skill battles. The app’s competition feature empowers parents to enable their athletes to take charge of their training community, motivating their friends and teammates through skill challenges. In the same way that kids hop on Twitch or XBox live to challenge each other in eSports, so too can they hop online with Playform to participate in and create soccer skill battles.

Not only is this community an effective tool for players to engage with each other in the offseason while training at home, but it also can be supervised remotely by coaches. With the coaches dashboard, Playform data can be arranged in a hub, allowing coaches to track offseason training and encourage engagement. In this way, Playform coaches can communicate with their athletes, working in dialogue with the app’s artificial intelligence to direct a player’s training plan.

Even as the sun dips below the horizon earlier each day, and fields are piled high with snow, Playform keeps young athletes engaged and focused through the winter months. When the spring season returns, parents can be sure that their children will be ready to take the field by storm and master team skills with a sure footed grasp on individual ball skills.

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