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Playform is Nordic Soccer’s Official Soccer Tech Solution for 2021

There’s an exciting alliance taking place in the soccer [football] scene. Playform, the number one digital coach mobile application, is breaking into new frontiers as “Nordic Cup ‘21” will be adopting Playform’s technology for their youth soccer players.

This is a significant advancement in the digital soccer [football] world, where all the players will have access to Playform’s advanced features. It’s a huge honor to be collaborating with a predominant soccer tournament.

The Nordic Soccer club is home to aspiring youth girls and boys soccer players who share the same passion. They aim to provide a high, top-rated level of soccer coaching solely focussing on player development. The Nordic cup event taking place this June in Vermont is one of the key elite tournaments for youth soccer players, and the collaboration with Playform will take this event to a whole new level.

Juggling competition for Nordic Soccer’s Players.

How Playform Is Breaking Through New Frontiers

Playform is a mobile based application that users can download and enjoy ease of use from the comfort of their own home. This means that soccer training no longer requires a physical meetup; you have the ability to train and get easily assessed from the app itself. Owing to the advanced AI-driven measurement system, you’ll be able to measure your performance and train on the areas where you need more practice. This includes ball control, dribbles, soccer drills, physical stamina, and so much more.

So, what are the key features these talented players will have access to on Playform ?

Boosting Skills With AI-Driven Technology

Every soccer [football] player knows how crucial it is to get their soccer drills and skills to the next level. While an on-field coach may help and give advice based on an outside perspective, the Playform app use a unique technology that can help the young soccer players and coaches analyze, train and improve performance.

Using artificial intelligence and enhanced computer vision technologies can boost a soccer player’s skills as it gives an instantaneous and accurate evaluation of the physical, mental, and technical skills.

Metrics that matter

Players who use the Playform app can be assessed in a variety of different ways, including off-field and on-field measurements. This basically means that all doable drills, including those that can only be done on the field, are assessed accurately. There are also focuses on physical movement, including ball control, thus allowing aspiring soccer stars to gain insights into their performance without installing sensors or any other equipment.

Personalized Training

Once the enhanced feature in the app captures hundreds of key data points after every soccer drill, a player will also get personalized training that is solely aimed at boosting performance based on the soccer player’s skills. Basically, when the metrics are populated, the training begins! Playform’s personalized training differs from conventional on-field training since it purely focuses on an individual’s performance, in what area they need more training, and how to boost their weaker points. While training with a team and physical coach can be great, it’s often difficult to assess each soccer [football] player in their own right.

The training has been formulated by experts in the football industry. Together with the AI-driven analytics, the road to soccer stardom is now at anyone’s fingertips.

Personal training features on the Playform app includes

  • Interactive drills

  • Soccer passing drills optimization

  • Maintain ball possession

  • Dribble techniques

  • Physical and mental factors are also taken into consideration

Virtual Coaching

Nordic Soccer youth players will have a first glance at how the evolution of soccer training is now in full steam, with access to a virtually 24/7 soccer [football] coach on their screens. They will be provided with metrics that a regular soccer coach would not be able to supply, and they can optimize every aspect of their skills based on their performance and real-time feedback.

Youth players benefit from this approach as it gives them the freedom to train when and where they want, without having to wait for a weekly or bi-weekly practice. The features and real-time measurement on this app gives a player a real glance at his own performance, and at his own discretion.


This is an exciting initiative that will break the barriers of digital soccer [football] training solutions. Playform will participate in the Nordic Cup 21' competition by partaking in various engagements and challenges, thus creating a fun, interactive, and productive initiative for all players involved. What’s more, players will be able to get a thorough assessment of their performance during and after the event, giving them the power to reach their highest potential in a game they love most.

This exciting collaboration will pave the way to a new, advanced, and highly sought-after training program that paves the way for an alternative, accurate, and AI-driven coaching platform accessible to any aspiring soccer star.

Download playform today to benefit from all the elite features so that you can boost your soccer skills with quick results.

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