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Playform’s dynamic expansion plan kicks off in Washington

With the budding success of one of their largest partnerships to date with Washington Youth Soccer, Playform has built a powerful and dynamic template for a nationwide adoption of their soccer training platform.

The partnership between the two organizations spawned from a shared desire to develop youth talent and democratize access to player analytics technology, formerly only available to select teams at a largely unattainable cost.

With its ability to be integrated into training plans at both the individual and club levels, Playform has been adopted to tackle WSY’s macro player development goals and the individual needs of key clubs within the organization.

In order to understand the unique goals and dynamics amongst these clubs, Playform has developed a coaches console platform that works in tandem with the mobile application. The dashboard allows WSY coaches to observe and aggregate player data to identify key synergies and pinpoint areas for development. Combining the unique interpersonal relationships between coaches and their players with technical data ignites a developmental power far greater than that of these two forces on their own.

The console allows for a fluid balance between human understanding and data driven insight by allowing coaches to assign drills to their players using personalized suggestions generated by the app or their own knowledge of the game. The result is a deeply personal experience for players and coaches alike, unlike any other virtual training tool on the market.

Further, WSY and Playform have unlocked a new channel for partnership activation by building on the competitive desires of athletes unable to play in the typical fashion. Stoking the flames of competition, Playform has initiated a state-wide challenge to all of WSY’s 90,000 athletes to see who has the strongest kick. This competition dubbed “The Best Kick In Washington,” facilitated by Playform’s mobile app, has proven its unique ability to engage the entire youth soccer community while adhering to restrictions on typical formats of play.

Best kick in Washington. Playform App.

Using the competition mode, players record themselves shooting the ball, hoping to achieve the strongest shot power within their respective age group. From now through February 25, players can climb the leaderboard and share their results, proving their dominance and winning prizes designed to aid their personal growth goals.

Hoping to achieve the strongest shot power.

While WSY has taken charge as an early adopter of the revolutionary tech, Playform’s ability to impact player development at every organizational level, from leadership to coaches to players, indicates its ability to take the American youth soccer world by storm. As the app further permeates the industry, it will continue to disrupt the ways clubs and organizations train their players, opening the floodgates to mass adoption of player development technology at all levels of competition.

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