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Playform’s new drills enhance the app’s player development capabilities

Right now the soccer world is entrenched in chaos. With professional European leagues facing massive disruption one thing is clear: rapid adaptation has never been more crucial to soccer than today. Not only is this true on the world’s greatest stage, but its validity remains constant even for the backyard soccer player. The intensity of youth sports is rising and players are constantly eager for new ways to train. As they focus their passion and drive on soccer, it is crucial for training platforms to adapt alongside them. For the kid who never wants to stop playing, never wants to leave the pitch, bring them the solution at home.

Playform’s new drills, measurable anywhere.

With new drills, measurable anywhere, Playform’s fresh arsenal turns the living room into the practice field, a wall into a passing partner. Just like putting shots on goal or dribbling through cones, youth players can now measure and track at home training, enhancing their quick measurement experience.

While juggling the ball from foot to foot, and sharpening agility, the app’s AI technology tracks fitness and technical skills alike. Our six new quick measure drills contain two calisthenic drills: the plank and ASLR. These drills empower athletes to develop fitness habits that will last beyond their playing days, and coaches can gamify physical training by creating competitions for these drills.

Juggling drill.

More exciting is the bolstered technical drill library featuring four new at-home drills. Practicing juggles, new cone drills, and wall kicks, players can continue to master and measure their technical training without so much as a goal to shoot on. These drills- Juggling, 1-touch, Control & Pass, and T-Shape- are the first of many additional quick measurement drills to be developed by Playform.

Improving alongside our drill library, Playform’s new results page offers a highly accessible and visual display. In addition to the main metrics already offered to youth players, the latest results page will provide additional insights, taking athletes deeper into their development experience. Athletes will be able to share these results to social media, offering a communal training experience.

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