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Soccer community embraces Playform’s coaches dashboard

Fortifying its role as the premier player development tool, Playform has designed a new platform to strengthen its functionality for soccer teams and clubs. Operating as a hub for all user activity, Playform’s coaches dashboard aggregates drill data into one location to provide statistical assurance to a coach’s perception of their team.

Measure and develop soccer player’s playing skills

On the dashboard’s homepage, coaches can toggle between their teams to see development trends over time and across different drill categories. At a glance, the dashboard’s simple visual display provides key stats to help coaches quantify a team’s performance and identify areas for improvement.

Key stats to help coaches quantify their team’s performance.

This capability is applied to the individual player development picture as well, featuring the statistics tab where coaches can dive deeper into progress analysis and drill history for each player. Here coaches can make comparisons from player to player to inform gametime lineup decisions as well as depth chart evaluations.

The power of this knowledge extends beyond the coach’s clipboard, too. Aligned with Playform’s foundational goal to provide more players with development analytic technology, the coaches dashboard applies this collection of data to the player experience. It is with this dashboard that coaches can assign new drills and build skill challenges for their players.

While Playform’s app constantly generates new drills for players based on their progress, the dashboard allows coaches to collaborate with this objective analytic technology by assigning their own drills to players. Under the training tab, coaches can integrate their interpersonal knowledge into the drill generation process by assigning their own drills to players. Selecting instructional videos from Playform’s vast library, coaches can mold the training process according to their own coaching philosophies and methodologies.

Customization, the lifeblood of the dashboard, isn’t limited to training as coaches can also publish and release personalized skills competitions to their teams. These competitions can be assigned to a select number of players or entire rosters, allowing coaches to incite friendly competition throughout their rosters as players battle to prove their skills. Climbing the ranks in competition leaderboards provides an engaging incentive for players to push harder than ever in training.

Personalized skills competitions.

Not only does the dashboard operate as a coach’s central hub for their team, but it has the power to be the focal point for entire soccer communities. With the engagement tab, coaches can customize an action box that will appear at the top of each player’s app. A perfect location to spread club news for players and parents alike, this box can be directly linked to a number of useful web pages from fundraising campaigns to tournament schedules to club homepages.

Empowered with this dashboard, coaches can channel a newfound analytic understanding of their team’s dynamic into the daily training process. By integrating the dashboard’s insights into development methodologies, coaches can combine the power of their human relationships with the calculated decision making of artificial intelligence, effectively eliminating the developmental gaps posed by using only one of these powers.

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