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Top Soccer Workouts You Must Know

Being a pro at soccer means that you have to perfect your power, agility, and stamina. All these three factors are essential when it comes to attaining the best Soccer skills. Any soccer coach will tell you that you have to mix it up during soccer practice and not only focus on one workout.

We’ve rounded up the best soccer drills to boost your soccer skills. The beauty of these soccer workouts is that they can be done both on-field and off-field, giving you the power to train anywhere, anytime. These powerful soccer workouts can also be found on the Playform App, where you’ll not only be able to get a concise step-by-step walkthrough, but you’ll also be able to measure your performance instantly.

The Power Of Measuring Your Soccer Drills

Sure, you can jump, jog, dribble, and practice your passing skills, but the deal breaker happens when you can actually measure your soccer workouts and have an accurate view of how you perform and where there’s room for improvement.

Before we get into the best soccer workouts that even the most predominant Soccer players in the world do, be sure to download the Playform app and unlock a plethora of soccer drills and workouts so that you can measure and train in an efficient, eagle-eye view manner. What’s more, you’ll get instant access to soccer workouts and drills that you can even do from the comfort of your own home.

The Best Soccer Workouts

Our panel of experts has devised customized workouts on the Playform app; these workouts focus on your weaker points, giving you the opportunity to fine-tune your soccer drills so you can outshine the rest on the soccer field. Here’s a sneak peek at some typical yet powerful workouts you can do in your own free time. Try these tried & tested methods below, and see how you’ll climb up the leaderboard in no time!


Increase your ball control skills and agility with this simple yet powerful soccer drill. Think of it as a magician who juggles balls with their hands, but in this case, you juggle the ball with your feet, trying not to lose control or let it fall away. Many soccer coaches will agree that this is even an awesome warm-up workout, and many famous soccer players have practiced this before their big football matches.

You can also take it up a notch and juggle it with all parts of your body. Optimize your juggling skills by working in some thigh, head, and chest juggles. This is an important skill to have on the soccer field and a must for all football players!

Juggling improves;

  • Agility

  • Coordination

  • Control

Jump Rope

Looking for quick feet and learning how to perfect your timing when it comes to changing direction? Then jump rope is the best soccer workout for you. This drill is focused on the balls of your feet, and the aim is to be as fast and as concise as you can without ever letting your heels touch the ground.

While normal jump rope exercises are excellent, you can boost your jump rope skills by alternating your legs between each jump. Next, single-leg hops are also a great way to promote balance too.

Jump Rope improves;


Quick feet



It looks easy, but planks are literally a great way to check-in with your balancing skills and build core strength- a must-have factor for strong, agile football players. You’ll probably find that almost every soccer coach throws in a plank fitness drill during football practice, and that’s because it helps with the development of the main muscle groups.

Although planking is a stationary drill, the magic is in your hold. Try beating your personal score by trying to plank as long as you can. It’s important to note that for new soccer players, it’s best to start slow, with 10 to 20-second planks and working your way up as you get stronger and fitter.

Planking Improves;

  • Core Strength

  • Balance

  • Focus

Squat- Ball

As mentioned by many fitness outlets, squatting is great for any football player. Why? It will build and tone the muscle in your lower body. Also, it will activate your core, giving you the ultimate strength on the soccer pitch.

Take your squat goals to the next level by utilizing some hand-to-ball coordination, too. Standing with two legs apart, drop two tennis balls as you squat, and quickly grab them in mid-air with your hands. Like this, you literally kill two birds with one stone. Try to do this as many times as you can, and as always, aim to beat your personal score every time you do this soccer workout.

Squat- Ball improves;

  • Activates hamstrings and core

  • Increases lower body strength

  • Boosts hand and eye coordination


If you’re looking for that extra strength and mobility, then lunges are vital to soccer workouts and should be practiced regularly. This forward-step soccer workout requires balance and stamina, and the faster you can do them, the better! It focuses on your single legs and strengthens the glutes, amongst other things. The trick is to keep your body upright at all times while bending your knee forward.

To challenge yourself, use a two-minute timer and see how fast and accurately you can perform lunges without losing balance. If you’re a newbie, it’s best to start with a few and build this soccer workout gradually. You can even add weights to the equation to give your workout a boost.

Lunges improve;

  • Strength

  • Stability

  • Flexibility

The Best Way Forward

As mentioned, these soccer workouts don’t need to be performed in front of a soccer coach, they are versatile and can be done in your own free time. Setting 30 minutes aside every day will make a world of difference when it comes to your soccer performance. You’ll activate so many muscle groups in your body and strengthen key areas that are essential for any football player’s stamina.

What’s more, with the Playform app, you’ll unlock a world of soccer training routines that you can record yourself and get instantaneous feedback on your performance and where you could be going wrong. Additionally, you can take advantage of measuring your passing skills, dribbles, and soccer drills from the comfort of your own home- no soccer coach or on-field presence required.

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