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Where Are You Going Wrong With Your Soccer Training?

We can all agree that soccer training is the most fundamental part of having good soccer skills. The rule of thumb is, the less you train, the less likely you will shine and outperform the rest on the soccer field. But why do some football players have better skills than the rest? It can seem quite baffling. Take, for example, soccer player A and soccer player B. Both spend the same amount of time training, yet soccer player A has better skills than his teammate.

Why Do I Play Well In Training But Bad In Matches?

The answer is pretty simple; it’s not about how much time one spends on football practice; it’s what the soccer player does to maximize their training. An aspiring football player or youth soccer player needs to understand that spending 2 hours training on drills will not quite cut it if you’re actually skipping the fundamentals of it all.

Here are the top 4 ways you could be going wrong when it comes to soccer training and how you can enhance your soccer skills with these simple yet powerful tips.

1. See what you’re actually doing

Many soccer coaches can agree on this; most players do not see what they are doing. By doing so, they miss out on the important parts where they actually need to work on. It’s like being on autopilot mode- you train at what you’re good at and often miss the weaker spots of where you need full training.

Sure, some may say that’s what a soccer coach is there for, but that’s also not a safe solution. While soccer coaches are great and boosting a soccer player’s drive and enthusiasm, they cannot precisely pinpoint, via measurement, where exactly you are going wrong.

The Solution

Once, only the best, most famous soccer players in the world had access to high-end technology where they could measure and assess their football performance and skills. Today, this opportunity is easily accessible to everyone. By using Playform, one can easily get AI-based feedback on where they are going wrong and what detail they need to brush upon.

2. Practice your mobility

Sure, drills are super fun, and dribbles, too. But as with any other successful athlete, one needs to practice on their core strength. Let’s put it this way, have you ever seen those amazing artists that have fantastic ball control skills? Chances are, if you put them on a soccer field, they will have a hard time keeping up with the pace. Having physical body strength and great fitness levels are just as important as having the best soccer drills in the world. Sure, it’s not the glamorous side of being a football player, but it’s something that has to be done and done right.

The Solution

Sometimes you may be good at balance and mobility, but your overall fitness levels are not the best. In this case, it’s worth noting that personalized soccer training works wonders, as it focuses on your weak points while still maintaining your best skills. With Playform, all this is possible with just a tap! Once you’ve used the elite AI-measuring tool to measure your performance, you will receive a customized football training plan that tackles the weaker points of your performance. You then get a full soccer training plan optimized for your level, including fitness, core, strength, flexibility, mobility, and physical stamina tests.

3. Going back to the start

Mastering the primary drills is the best kind of soccer practice for any soccer player level. If you think about it, most of those complicated drills that everyone seeks to perfect are actually based on foundational drills. If you can start from the basics, and perfect the starters, then you can reach a higher level in no time.

The Solution

When using Playform, you can check out your drills and soccer skills in playback. What’s more, you get precise measurements and feedback of your performances. Like this, you can see where you’re going wrong when it comes to practicing even the most simple of drills.

4. Take Position

We all know that not everyone on the field plays the same position, right? So it would be counterproductive to assume that everyone needs the exact same soccer training. Outshining the rest also boils down to position-based analysis. Meaning, if you’re a striker, how unique or different are you to your counterpart? Based on your specific position, standing out from the rest is a crucial step to success and optimized performance. If you want to be the best in your position, then you need to train accordingly.

The Solution

Whether you’re a goalkeeper, center-back, defender, or striker, you need to train for this position, too. A goalkeeper that mainly focuses on his passes is not going to get anywhere. With Playform, you can filter on these exact drills and train according to what would work best based on your position. From striking to juggles, try to concentrate on the training that is also based on your on-field position.

More Things To Consider

There are also many bad habits (albeit seemingly insignificant) that are important to rectify during soccer practice. Keep these tidbits in mind so you can come out as a true soccer pro!

Always looking down at the ball

Seeing different options and other players’ positions around the pitch is important when it comes to strategizing your next steps. If your head is always looking down, you may not be able to make that golden pass to a teammate, or better yet, a goal!

Too afraid to fail or make a mistake

Making mistakes is totally normal, and one shouldn’t be afraid to do so. Even the best soccer pro will still make mistakes and take it as a learning curve to become better and better each time. Not making mistakes means you’re not challenging yourself. Luckily, Playform offers the best challenges and even tournaments to partake in so that you can get your pro soccer game on!

The Bottom Line

As you can see, the world of football training needs to be broken down according to one’s weak points, on-field position, physical strength, and fundamentals. 2-hour soccer practice without any vision or goal in mind literally translates to going around in endless circles. Instead of being just another player, take your passion and skills to the next level with Playform.

Playform is available on both the Android and Apple Playstore. Download it today to get a seamless, elite soccer practice experience that you can partake in from the comfort of your own home.

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