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What our Trainers say

We picked a few feedbacks from our large trainers community

I joined as a Trainer to Playform 6 months ago. It took me 2 hours to define the plan and it appeared on the app soon after. I am currently doing extra money from Playform on a monthly basis.

Mike Smith, NY

About Playform

Playform is a Social Training mobile app, that provides fully automated skills and exercises measurement and analysis to trainees, using their smartphone camera only. Trainees can find on Playform various ways to train - from training plans to social challenges and 1:1 competitions 



Analyzed exercises



App Rating


Worldwide Monthly




Playform Community

Online Training is the Future

Hybrid Training or Full Online Training - More and more trainees are going digital. Become a digital trainer and create new opportunities for growth.


Adults say they are exercising online (hybrid or full)


Youth trainees gain their training knowledge from social networks


Potential of a trainer to reach an online audience vs. local training

Be a Trainer @ Playform

We only need 1 hour of your time to launch your training plan.

It's that easy and quick. Our team will do the rest.

How it works


1. Become a Trainer

Have a short call with our team, and choose the trainer package that best suits your needs.


2. Offer your Training Plan

Choose your training plan content from a set of existing drills and exercises. Our team will take it from here.


3. Earn money

Make a passive income every time a trainee buys your plan. We will promote it to maximize sales.

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Train more. Earn more.

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